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Hi, I'm Stephen Stumbo, I'm 18 yrs old, and a self taught knifesmith/blacksmith. All through my childhood I've had affinity for blades, probably starting with my first pocket knife. At 12 I tried to grind a knife out of a sawzall blade, and was so proud of how it turned out. At 14 I convinced my dad to help me make a forge so I could try blacksmithing. After building the forge I had a rough time getting started, but after meeting a local blacksmith and getting some tips, I went at it. About a year into blacksmithing (2009) I decided to try my hand at making knives. I started out terribly, but I've slowly been progressing to where you see now. Take a look around, and let me know what you think, you can also find me on facebook to keep up with the goings on around the ole smithy.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Almost there!

This post was supposed to have been posted over a week ago, sorry, blogger messed up on the posting, and I thought it was posted when it wasn't. But here it is now.

Got everything set up except the motor and vfd. Mounted it to a piece of 3/4" treated ply. Looks nice, and I can't wait to get it running. As my mom said, "I'm as ancy as the little kid in the back seat who hasn't been to the bathroom in 2 hrs." - I'm excited.



The work rest set up looks kind of confusing, but it's not bad, and allows for a seemingly infinite amount of positions.


We can swing the tool arm out for an 8" contact wheel


Or the opposite way for a 2" contact.


Once I've got it set up, I plan on attaching a glass platen attachment, and figuring out a way to use a small (like 1/2" or so) contact wheel. But that's about it.

Almost there!!!!

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  1. This isn't the place for this sortof comment, but seeing as you had no email anywhere... Anyway, I started a blog called ravenforge.blogspot.com it currently has one post, and it is a blog devoted to DIY weaponry and restoration. Please check it out if you get the chance. I enjoy your works.

    Tristan Grieve