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Hi, I'm Stephen Stumbo, I'm 18 yrs old, and a self taught knifesmith/blacksmith. All through my childhood I've had affinity for blades, probably starting with my first pocket knife. At 12 I tried to grind a knife out of a sawzall blade, and was so proud of how it turned out. At 14 I convinced my dad to help me make a forge so I could try blacksmithing. After building the forge I had a rough time getting started, but after meeting a local blacksmith and getting some tips, I went at it. About a year into blacksmithing (2009) I decided to try my hand at making knives. I started out terribly, but I've slowly been progressing to where you see now. Take a look around, and let me know what you think, you can also find me on facebook to keep up with the goings on around the ole smithy.

Friday, April 13, 2012

New leather knife

Well, I've been trying to learn better control at the grinder, so I'm making some small stock removal knives, to help practice that control.

This one is the first, I made it with intent of being a nice little knife for cutting up leather. A nice small blade, with an almost squared off point for cutting down into the leather. You'll notice the bevels aren't the same on both sides. That was intentional, I like the look of a flat above the bevel, so I stopped the bevel partway on the side I put my mark, and on the other ran it all the way up to help thin down the blade more (not traditional I know, but I wanted to try it).
Any thoughts/critiques are as always desired.

1084 blade
Stabilized mesquite burl handle (found it in a bargain box at Blade last year, can't believe how nice it looks)
and a kydex sheath to keep it safe with my other leatherworking tools (my first kydex working, nice stuff).





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  1. almost looks like ben potters "dwarven-head seax" very cool design, love the handle...and the uneven bevel shouldnt affect function unless youre working with very thick saddle leather, maybe not even then.
    -The Metal One, a fellow bladesmith/instructables enthusiast.